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Going Commando????

I’ve always been accused of being a bit of a “grunge” growing up. My mum was constantly nagging me, “When was the last time you washed those pants? Look at that dirt underneath your fingernails! Did you sleep in your mascara, AGAIN?” It wasn’t until a former boyfriend pointed out, “Oh man, Cait! Your hair is getting…greasy! When was the last time you showered?”
Which brings me to my point, in the most roundabout way, the “commando trend” as I have momentarily dubbed it. I’m seeing it everywhere in the celebrity tabloids, images popping up in the newsfeed of my Facebook page, crap! I’m seeing it occasionally on the streets of my unconventionally conservative hometown.
So when did it become a “fashion statement” to flaunt your most sheer shirt without a bra while shopping at the food mart?
Not that I am against this newfound trend, I digress. I thought that I, along with a few select individuals in the world (particularly those who wore their hair in dreads and added “special herbs” to their food) were the only ones brave (or high) enough to forgo the undergarments that since the Garden of Eden days, society has told us were mandatory.
My question for the blogging world:
Is it right? Is it fashionably, morally wrong? Have you fallen prey to this “trend?” Or am I blowing my own whistle thinking that this clothing (or the lack thereof) phenomenon is blowing up summer 2012 across the USA?
I’ve always been one to take a risk. You know, the type of girl that tries to shock a person for the sheer entertainment factor. Yes, a grunge by nature, I couldn’t be more tickled to see stars like Rihanna walking the street with both girls in plain view, or Miley Cyrus tugging her miniskirt over her bare hoo-ha whilst cruising her bike around town (Which, by the way, can you say CHAFE?” Crappers. Go Miley!)
So I say cheers to the “commando” trend. I embrace it full-heartedly. My opinion? Save some detergent. Laundry can wait another day. You can’t wear underwear with your leather skinnies, anyway! It’s summer 2012. Rock that shit.


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