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Black is the New Black

Black is the new black. Black is the color that is always in style. Whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter, the color black is always on trend. Black is classic. It is simple, chic, and stylish. The color black adds an air of sophistication and mystery. Black is unquestionable.

There are some elements of style that just seem better in black.

Little Black Dress. Karl Lagerfeld, of Chanel and Fendi fame coined the phrase, “One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress”…and it was Coco Chanel herself who created the everlasting concept of the LBD.

Balenciaga little black dress

(Source: NYMag)

Black coffee. A steaming brew that is rich, robust, and earthy adds a jolt of energy and refreshment to every morning.

Black pumps. For all its simplicity and appropriateness, this wardrobe workhorse garners a prime spot in the front of closets everywhere.

Louboutin black pumps

Get down to business with a black blazer. Serious and structured, a black blazer exudes a cool authority.

Harper's Bazaar-black blazer-Milan Fashion Week  spring 2013

(source: Harper’s Bazaar)

Black and white photographs. Emotions seem to be more vivid and scenery is more intriguing, even with a lack of color.

Nina Leen: 1959 black and white

(source: Nina Leen: 1959)

Go to the dark side.



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