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Looks We Love: Summer Chic

While temperatures may skyrocket past 90 degrees, don’t let the threat of sweat keep you from being chic. Keep your sense of style entertained this summer with these three chic looks.

“Nautical but Nice”

Ahoy there! Channel your inner yacht sailing prepster with a navy striped tee (perfect for cool evenings) and classic Sperry boat shoes. Add a stack of gold bangles and cat eye sunnies for a touch of class, and top it off with a bright pair or coral shorts. Sailor chic has never looked so good.

“Damsel in Distress”

Give yourself a style challenge and merge ultra casual with high sophistication by pairing distressed shorts, a comfy tee (ironic statement shirts and concert tees are great options) and a luxe rhinestone statement necklace together. The glamorous necklace elevates the look from ordinary to extraordinary. Bonus points if you further this eclectic conglomeration with pointy-toe flats and aviators.


“The Last Resort”

Resort wear isn’t just for sunbirds in Boca Raton. You are guaranteed to  turn heads with this triple threat of trends outfit. Pair a maxi in a bold and bright print with a solid peplum top. Add a statement necklace in a complementary color for more interest. Finally, invoke your sun goddess with wedges, sunglasses, and the requisite floppy hat. Happy travels!


How are you staying “summer chic”?



SOS- Style on the Sidewalks

Meet Hayley B. She’s 20 years old, from Berkeley, CA, a psychology major, and a vegetarian. She also happens to be a radiant example of campus fashion…and my first “style on the sidewalk” star.

Hayley was so gracious to let me snap a quick photo, and since she was done with classes she even granted me an interview so I could explore her personal sense of style.

Q: Tell me about your personal sense of style.

A: Well, I’m a California girl at heart and I strive to bring that sunshine everywhere I go.

Q: So how does that translate into your clothing choices?

 A: I like to wear a lot of interesting stuff…and I don’t take myself too seriously. I want to wear clothes that accentuate my personality. Pieces that remind me of home especially pique my interest. I really don’t go for a specific type of “look”.

 Q: What types of “interesting” pieces do you have?

 A: Well, my mom was a huge hippie back in the day (seriously), and she made me a maxi-skirt out of organic cotton from a 1970’s vintage pattern that she used when she was my age! It’s one of my favorite pieces and reminds me of where I come from.

 Q: That is so neat! So, tell me a bit about your outfit that you wore today?

 A: Umm…I wasn’t sure what the weather was gonna be like today…so I wore shorts and a scarf, just in case. As for the fedora…well I guess you could say I was feeling a bit sassy!

 Q: If you had to come up with your personal style motto, what would it be?

 A: Hmm…be an individual, and when in doubt look to your roots for inspiration.

So, there you have it. Some style inspiration hot off the streets…errr, sidewalks I mean!



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