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Ultimate Christmas Wish List Part II-For the Men in Your Life

Apologies on my behalf.  Clearly I forgot to check last week’s post twice. I left out a very vital aspect. Gifts for the men in our life! Silly me 🙂 Well, since I’ve got Michael Buble crooning some Christmas carols, a mug full of peppermint hot cocoa nearby, and Christmas tree lights twinkling in the background, the Christmas ambience should inspire a very thorough list of gift ideas for all the men in your life.

For the suave business man: Bourbon and cigars. Nice bourbon and a good cigar…like Maker’s Mark and one of these. Seriously though, after your man comes home from a long day at work a nice drink and a drag will work wonders to clear up any residual stress from the office.

For the sporty guy: Renew his gym membership and throw in some new gym clothes. Need I say more? If your guy is super into fitness, this gift will be a hit.

For your dad: It’s a classic…the wallet. Except this time, put a twist on it. Add a gift card to his favorite restaurant/shop, and put some of his favorite pictures in there as well.


For your husband/boyfriend: Get a little bit nostalgic. Buy him something that will remind him of a favorite time you had together. Did he ever mention wanting to see a particular concert? Get him a ticket. Surprise him with a fun getaway weekend to his favorite place.

Another unique gift idea is a luxury shaving kit.  Equipped with the finest blades a razor can have, and a bristled soap brush, this kit will take that scruff from “ho ho hobo” to suave and sophisticated.

For the music lover: According to music afficionados, nothing sounds better than vinyl. Look around online and find a record for his favorite band…and while you’re doing that you might as well throw in a record player so he can listen to it.

For the foodie: Try this cool “Hot Sauce of the Month Club” or “Insert food item here of the Month Club”. It’s a convenient gift that keeps on giving 🙂

For everybody else: You can do no wrong with colognes, hats, and hoodies. These are a pretty safe choice that will please even the pickiest of guys.




Now, get out there and get shopping. Christmas Day will be here before you know it!




Leggings…an excuse for pants?

The controversy never fails to roll around the same time every year, right after leggings are pulled out of hibernation in the storage closet.
Haters of leggings proclaim, “Leggings are not pants!”
(contrary to the evidence below)
(images courtesy of Pinterest)
I hear it all the time, and maybe in a few years I’ll feel differently, but I’m here to defend my love of leggings and I’ll tell you why:
There really isn’t much difference in thickness between your skinniest of skinny jeans and leggings, except that leggings are unarguably much more comfortable and versatile. They come in a  wide variety of colors and styles and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. I would wear leggings every single day during the winter months if I had my choice. My rule of thumb when wearing leggings as pants? Choose a top of a longer length. Your shirt should cover at LEAST half your cute legging-clad bum. Choosing a top that is longer and form-fitted will help avert any extra attention toward a “bare bum.”
Layers also help keep your bits discrete as they create length and draw the eye upwards instead of downwards.
I love leggings for their sheer simplicity; even when you want to wear your tiniest shift dress, you can stay warm by donning a pair of leggings and adding a cardigan and scarf. Insta-chic.
All in favor of leggings, vote YAY!
For the love off fashion,

Winter Essentials- Campus Couture meets Friday Favorites

It’s a winter wonderland here on campus! The current temp is 8 degrees with freezing fog. What? Freezing fog? I have never even heard of that!! Thus, I thought it would be perfectly appropriate to list off some winter essentials for your wardrobe to brace against the biting cold.

1. Sorel Boots: These boot do work. They are super warm, they have excellent grip on snow on ice so that do not wipe outs do not occur. They also come in an abundance of styles and colors.

2. Glomitts: These are a hybrid between gloves and mittens. They offer the unbeatable warmth of mittens with the functionality of gloves. My favorites are fair isle style, but they literally come in every color and style imaginable.

3. Colored Peacoat: A peacoat is a style essential. Put one on and you will automatically look classy and fabulous. Try a peacoat in one of the colors from Pantone’s Fall 2012 color trends.

4. Fur Trim Jacket: Fur trim jackets are great for those perfect winter days when there is a light frost covering the trees and everything just glistens. The trim is cozy and fashionable, and adds a little je ne se qua to traditional plaid or tweed.

5. Knitted Ear-warmers: I loovvveeee these. I myself have probably knitted and crocheted like 10 of them. They are so convenient and cute. They are especially great so that your ponytail of top knot doesn’t get smashed in a hat!

6. Plaid Scarf: I simple plaid scarf will never, ever, ever, go out of style. Burberry’s perfect plaid scarves have been around forever and are still a classic style craving for lots of people.

Stay warm, stay stylish.



Friday Favorites-Leggings

Leggings, leggings, leggings! They are my current obsession and hot on the fall and winter fashion scene right now! Leggings have come a long way from the basic neutrals. Now you can find patterned, textured, colored, and printed leggings all over the place…check out the examples below for some fashion inspiration!

Fair Isle

This traditional Nordic textile (usually found in fisherman’s sweaters) has been reinvented to keep your legs toasty warm all winter long.

Pair with an over-sized crew neck sweatshirt and slouchy boots to complete the look.



This fun zig-zag pattern would look amazing with a leather jacket and ankle boots.


Add a fun burst of color to a traditional outfit by pairing it with an extra-long tank, blazer, and riding boots.

professional leggings




Friday Favorites: Commands for the Military Trend…it’s Your (fashionable) Duty!

The military trend is nothing new. I can still remember senior year 2006 when I
thought I was too damn cool for school as I strutted the halls in my mangled Doc
Marten boots,  ratty denim cut-offs, and that amazing jacket I found at the
army surplus store for five bucks. The military trend seems to be sticking, and for
good reason: Can we please give a warm welcome to…FUNCTIONALITY!

Before I give some major do’s and don’ts of the military trends of today, I’d like to
take this moment to clarify that my style has refined a bit in the past few years; it
is NEVER okay to wear fishnets that have more tear holes than the netting itself. In
fact, it’s never okay to wear fishnets before six PM. PERIOD. Lesson learned!

With that being said, the military trend has a few defining characteristics:

-The most popular colors of the trend include, can you guess? ARMY
GREEN! With navy blue in tow, surprise!

-The “military jacket” is the capstone to this trend. So many cuts and styles
to this signature trend item. Always a tailored fit, always a button down,
usually embellished with golden buttons, cuffs, and/or army patches, the
military jacket is a staple item for everyone’s wardrobe.

-If the military jacket is the Batman of the military trend, then shearling
fabric is Robin (Wait… Is that a legitimate analogy?! I’m rolling with it…)
Whether it’s lining the jacket or cuffing the boots, shearling is the fabric of
choice for the military trend.

While the military trend can be incorporated into your every day wear,
there are a few “don’ts” that need to be addressed before you go crazy
with this trend:

-Don’t wear camouflage. It’s too soon. No. Absolutely do not wear
camouflage. You are not a six year-old little boy. I will point, laugh, and
make you wish you’d never been born if you wear camouflage in a
serious fashion.

-Don’t over-incorporate any one element in the military trend. Think about
it: a guy walks around your campus wearing aviator glasses, military
jacket, cargo pants, lace-up aviator boots. The first thought that pops into
your head? “Who let Rambo out?” No going balls-out with this trend. Stick
to accenting two, possibly three items per outfit, never more.

(photo credit:

The military trend, for all its wonder and amazement, can be a fun way to
dress your outfits up or down. Keep these pointers in mind and you will be
the queen (or king) of the catwalk in the military world. Now, everyone run
out and get a Burberry trench! Oh, and get me one while you’re at it. I’m
a starving artist blogging for the love of fashion. I will take all the Burberry
handouts I can get. NOW, BREAK!

For the love of fashion,

Friday Favorites-Color Blocking


Personally I am the biggest fan of black. I think it goes with everything and anything, on any occasion. It is timeless, ageless, priceless, and expensive looking. I have very few color options in my wardrobe. VERY few. Then the color blocking trend started to take place. I dreaded every color blocked outfit I saw….I was unsure of how to transition it in to my chic black and gray-toned wardrobe.

Then it hit me. Color is FUN! Fashion is fun, color is fun, and we are supposed to have fun with it! Put the mint jeans with the coral top and wear it with pride!

Now there are a couple rules. You should always be careful about color blocking. You should not go color blocking crazy, stay away from more than three colors, stay in the same level of saturation (pastels, neons, bolds) , and use large segments of color.

Find colors that are usually opposite on the color wheel. These colors make each other pop…like blue and orange! 🙂 Contrast is eye catching and makes a bold statement.

(Can you tell how the blue makes the orange look orange-ier and vice versa?)

Needless to say after trying color and playing with it, I became comfortable and fell in love. If you have not tried it yourself, you should too! Just remember the few simple rules, and have fun with it!



Friday Favorites-10 Key Items for Your Closet

  1. Skinny Jeans– Perfectly appropriate for every casual situation, they are a wardrobe staple.
  2. Pencil skirt-Pair with a dressy top and some heels and be dressed to impress.
  3. Boyfriend Blazer- This works well with any body shape to transition your look from day to night!
  4. Belt– Skinny, thick, or “your man’s”, it is great for creating that classic hourglass shape.
  5. Scarf– Not only can it change up your simple look, it can be a great statement piece.
  6. Simple Black Pumps– These make you feel ready to take on the world! One word: confidence.
  7. Summer-y Print Dress–  A lightweight striped, tribal, or floral dress can go from summer to fall with a simple cardigan or jacket.
  8. Boots– A pair of riding boots for fall will take your clothing options to the max!
  9. LBD– Do I need to say why? A little black dress does it all!
  10. Red Lips– Lips that pop will amp up your energy and your look.


Until next Friday…


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