Retail Therapy

Why pay a therapist when you can go shopping? Retail therapy may be associated with “buyer’s remorse”, but an article by the Huffington Post actually shows that 82% of buyers who shop to improve their mood experience no remorse at all. At the top of the list of most frequent “therapy” purchases is clothing. Wearing a fresh outfit can really change your whole perspective on life.


Maybe it’s the fact that finals are around the corner, but I have found that a little bit of retail therapy works wonders for the mood. Sometimes it’s buying the little things, like nail polish or a latte, that immediately decreases my stress levels. Retail therapy also incorporates the whole shopping experience (taking a break, browsing, getting personal attention and help, etc.) to boost your mood. The next time you feel like taking out your frustrations verbally or physically, try shopping instead!

Retail therapy is good for the economy (and you)…try it out sometime!




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