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Retail Therapy

Why pay a therapist when you can go shopping? Retail therapy may be associated with “buyer’s remorse”, but an article by the Huffington Post actually shows that 82% of buyers who shop to improve their mood experience no remorse at all. At the top of the list of most frequent “therapy” purchases is clothing. Wearing a fresh outfit can really change your whole perspective on life.


Maybe it’s the fact that finals are around the corner, but I have found that a little bit of retail therapy works wonders for the mood. Sometimes it’s buying the little things, like nail polish or a latte, that immediately decreases my stress levels. Retail therapy also incorporates the whole shopping experience (taking a break, browsing, getting personal attention and help, etc.) to boost your mood. The next time you feel like taking out your frustrations verbally or physically, try shopping instead!

Retail therapy is good for the economy (and you)…try it out sometime!




Handbag Trends: Spring/Summer 2013

For any woman, handbags are understandably a vital part of one’s wardrobe. Handbags serve the purpose of carrying all of our necessary items, while at the same time adding another visual statement to one’s outfit. Handbags can be fun and functional at the same time. With summer quickly approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to showcase handbag trends for the warmer months.

1. Cool Metallics: You may be sweating from the heat, but a metallic purse in a chill tone will cool you off. Metallic handbags are great for more formal summer occasions, such as weddings.


(Guess via Main Elements)

2. Crossbody Satchel: Lighten up your load with a small purse that holds the essentials (phone, wallet, gum, chapstick, etc). With the rays beating down, a breezy satchel eliminates sweaty discomfort.


(Big Buddha via Main Elements)

3. Bold Brights: It’s summer! Celebrate the barbeques, pool time, tanning, and lazy days with a bright handbag. Lemon yellow, poppy red, and cobalt blue are just a few colors to put some spring in your step.


(Big Buddha via Main Elements)

4. Totes: For the times when you need to carry more that just the necessary, turn to a tote! Totes are absolutely perfect for trips to the pool, picnics, and they double as a great airplane carry-on.


(Big Buddha via Main Elements)

Which handbag is your favorite?



These are a few of my favorite things(brands).

Typically I am not a brand-centric person. I consider myself to be more of an “equal opportunity shopper”. If a product catches my eye and seems to be of relatively good quality, then I might just get it. However, like most things in life, there are a few exceptions to the rule. There are some brand-name products that I just have to get based on their quality. I find that splurging a little every now and then really pays off when the product has a long life and I can get a ton of use out of it.

True Religion Jeans

I truly “worship” this brand of jeans. I haven’t met a pair of their jeans that I haven’t liked. Whether it’s True Religion’s classic horseshoe stitching on the back, the excellent stretch-memory of the high quality denim, or plethora of cuts and washes, True Religion jeans are always worth it.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 8.54.38 AM

(via Main Elements)

Essie Nail Polish

I was recently introduced to Essie nail polish through a friend of mine and the results are in…I love it! Never again will I buy a different brand of nail polish. What make Essie so wonderful is their array of cute colors that are sassily named. Essie nail polishes are salon quality, but can easily be found in drug stores and super centers. An added bonus: I’m on day five of “Mint Candy Apple” and there are no chips in sight.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 9.07.45 AM

(via Essie)

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

Light. Non-greasy. Moisturizing. Fragrant. When you are living in a climate that’s seasons are pre-winter, winter, post-winter, and more winter (such as I am), a good balm is the key to having lips that don’t look like they’ve been attacked by sandpaper. Sephora’s product description of Smith’s Rosebud Salve purveys the benefits, citing “This cult-favorite, multi-purpose lip balm soothes dry lips, calms and heals irritation, and soothes the sting of minor burns. Try dabbing on dry elbows or knees to condition, and relieve dryness. Also an excellent remedy for the treatment of diaper rash.” So whether you have severely chapped lips, a curling iron burn, or an itchy baby’s bottom, Smith’s will cure it all.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 9.06.14 AM

(via Sephora)

Nike Running Shorts

Whether I am at the gym, running errands, or having a lazy Saturday–Nike running shorts do it all. The material is breathable and moisture wicking (say goodbye to sticky sweat!). I also love that their are a million different colors to choose from.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 9.21.14 AM(via Nike)

Remember, quality over quantity!


Style. Study. Savvy.

Lilly Pulitzer-the Princess of Prints-Dies at 81


(via The Atlantic)

Blindingly bright. Playful and young. Carefree. Sunny. All of these adjectives describe the fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer’s unique aesthetic. It is unfortunate that Ms. Pulitzer passed away a few days ago, but her sassy prints will forever be imprinted on the hearts of her dedicated fans.

Lilly Pulitzer clothing is a staple of the upbeat and preppy. Her clothing screams to be worn on a yacht, or at the Kentucky Derby. Even the most shocking color combination or cartoon creature was not off limits to Pulitzer’s designs. Such unique combinations were created out of necessity. In an article by the New York Times, Lilly Pulitzer created a dress that would camouflage orange and grapefruit juice stains. Her ingenuity paid off, and soon enough Lilly Pulitzer was a household name in the yuppie crowd.


(via Lilly Pulitzer)

Today, Lilly Pulitzer’s iconic prints can not only be found on her quintessential shift dresses, but on iPhone cases, tumblers, scarves, mugs, and more.


In the word’s of Lilly P. herself, “It’s always summer somewhere”.



Spring 2013 Pantone Color Report

Yay! Spring is here! The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the temperature is finally creeping past 50 degrees. That means it’s time to put away the riding boots and break out the flats for this seasonal transition. Whenever the temperatures change, my favorite color palettes tend to change as well. Now I am shoving my maroon and hunter green garments to the back of my closet in an effort to utilize my pastel and bright springtime colored clothes.

A few months ago, I posted about Pantone’s color of 2013, Emerald. Additionally, Pantone has posted their Spring 2013 color report. Pantone’s picks are featured below.


(via Pantone)

I am super excited for the chartreuse-y “Tender Shoots”…it is one of those “knock your socks off colors.” If “Tender Shoots” is a bit too bright for your tastes, then “Dusk Blue” and “Grayed Jade” ¬†are sure to be flattering shades for every skin tone.

“Tender Shoots”


(via Coach)

“Dusk Blue”


(via NastyGal)

“Grayed Jade”


(via ModCloth)

If you prefer a more conservative color palette, then “Linen” , which is a creamy ivory/beige, and “Monaco Blue”- a cross between royal blue and navy, will be your go-to picks.



(via Topshop)

“Monaco Blue”


(via Rag and Bone)

“African Violet” and “Emerald” would be delightful when featured in a sundress. These colors would also be perfectly appropriate for attending graduations and weddings.

“African Violet”


(via Besito’s Boutique)



(via Shopbop)

If you are looking to make a bold and bright impression, turn to the flirty “Poppy Red” and and juicy “Nectarine.”

“Poppy Red”


(via Net-A-Porter)



(via Piperlime)

Stay colorful!



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