The Four Best Accessories. Ever.

Marilyn Monroe famously crooned “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in her aptly named hit. Are diamonds (real or fake) your best friend in the accessory realm? Would your grandmother’s pearls make the cut? How about your favorite leather tote? These next four accessories are so versatile that they easily deserve some shining stars of recognition.

1. Statement necklace: Pair your fanciest statement necklace with a worn vintage tee for a refreshing look.


(via SheFinds)

2. Big rhinestone (or diamond) studs: Classy with a cocktail dress, button down, sweater, or tee shirt. Any garment is game to be paired with these earrings.


(via Target)

3. Skinny belt: Whether you cinch in a tunic or belt your jeans, skinny belts in a plethora of colors are the easiest way to emphasize your assets.


(via Lyst)

4. Crossbody satchel: If you don’t have one yet, get one! Crossbody purses are easily portable and convenient, and by far the best solution for a hands-free experience.


(via Lyst)

What’s your favorite accessory?




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