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The Four Best Accessories. Ever.

Marilyn Monroe famously crooned “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in her aptly named hit. Are diamonds (real or fake) your best friend in the accessory realm? Would your grandmother’s pearls make the cut? How about your favorite leather tote? These next four accessories are so versatile that they easily deserve some shining stars of recognition.

1. Statement necklace: Pair your fanciest statement necklace with a worn vintage tee for a refreshing look.


(via SheFinds)

2. Big rhinestone (or diamond) studs: Classy with a cocktail dress, button down, sweater, or tee shirt. Any garment is game to be paired with these earrings.


(via Target)

3. Skinny belt: Whether you cinch in a tunic or belt your jeans, skinny belts in a plethora of colors are the easiest way to emphasize your assets.


(via Lyst)

4. Crossbody satchel: If you don’t have one yet, get one! Crossbody purses are easily portable and convenient, and by far the best solution for a hands-free experience.


(via Lyst)

What’s your favorite accessory?



Black is the New Black

Black is the new black. Black is the color that is always in style. Whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter, the color black is always on trend. Black is classic. It is simple, chic, and stylish. The color black adds an air of sophistication and mystery. Black is unquestionable.

There are some elements of style that just seem better in black.

Little Black Dress. Karl Lagerfeld, of Chanel and Fendi fame coined the phrase, “One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress”…and it was Coco Chanel herself who created the everlasting concept of the LBD.

Balenciaga little black dress

(Source: NYMag)

Black coffee. A steaming brew that is rich, robust, and earthy adds a jolt of energy and refreshment to every morning.

Black pumps. For all its simplicity and appropriateness, this wardrobe workhorse garners a prime spot in the front of closets everywhere.

Louboutin black pumps

Get down to business with a black blazer. Serious and structured, a black blazer exudes a cool authority.

Harper's Bazaar-black blazer-Milan Fashion Week  spring 2013

(source: Harper’s Bazaar)

Black and white photographs. Emotions seem to be more vivid and scenery is more intriguing, even with a lack of color.

Nina Leen: 1959 black and white

(source: Nina Leen: 1959)

Go to the dark side.



Best and Most Powerful Fashion Quotes

Fashion powerhouses such as Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent have joined poets and philosophers by inspiring and guiding with just a sentence or two of wisdom. Live every day in style with a word of advice from the greatest designers and innovators.
















Fall 2013 Trend Picks

Fashion weeks have come and gone and the results are in…from garments incorporating dyed furs to the revival of classic quilting techniques, some pretty unique (and some traditional)  trends may be hitting your favorite retailers this next fall.

Here are my top picks for what is going to be hot, while the weather is cold in fall 2013.

Plaid and Gingham: Finally! Plaid is making a comeback…I have a feeling that this oh-so-classic yet under-appreciated pattern will be everywhere. Which is a good thing since I have a plaid blazer stowed in the back of my closet somewhere. For the gingham, this traditional summery fabric will be paired with heavier items, such as in the case of Prada, leather and fur.

dg plaidDolce and Gabbana Fall 2013 RTW (image via NYMag)


Prada Fall 2013 RTW (image via NYMag)

burberryplaid bag

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013 RTW (image via NYMag)

Colored Fur: Fur always has somewhat of a presence in the fall, but in 2013 I think that fur is going to make some more appearances in bold and/or subtle ways–full vests, coats, accessories, and trimmed accents. What’s making this trend fresh is that fur will be painted, dyed, and printed.

fendifallfurFendi Fall 2013 RTW (image via NYMag)


Marni Fall 2013 RTW (image via NYMag)

Heavy opulence: Gold, jewels, shaped metal embellishments–the more excessive the better. Where will you be finding this trend the most in stores? Accessories and shoes probably, but also jackets and cocktail dresses. Think of jewel encrusted metallic elements and mosaics reminiscent of the Byzantine Empire era of history.

dgopulenceDolce and Gabbana Fall 2013 RTW (image via NYMag)


L’Wren Scott Fall 2013 (image via NYMag)

Quilting: We are not talking about your grandma’s log cabin quilt pattern making an appearance in garments, but the actual technique. Two layers sewn together at regular intervals produces a check or diamond pattern that is slightly puffed. For the mainstream ready to wear, look for quilting on shoulders, sleeves, and pockets as well as other accent areas.

michaelkorsquiltedMichael Kors Fall 2013 RTW (image via WWD)


J. Mendel Fall 2013 RTW (image via WWD)


Theysken’s Theory Fall 2013 RTW (image via WWD)

Will any of my picks make it into stores next fall? Only time will tell.



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