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New Year, (re)New You

Ah, tis the season for making New Year’s resolutions. Is your list 20 items long? Have you given thought to what you want to accomplish in 2013? I’m not in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions (it’s a pretty radical choice), but I definitely undergo a period at the beginning of the year where I focus on renewing my life. After all, this is the perfect time to start fresh.

What do I mean by renewing? Well, as good old Merriam-Webster would put it, to renew is to “make like new (obviously); restore to freshness, vigor, or perfection”

Are there some aspects of your life that have gone stale, and could use a bit of renewing? Maybe you don’t need to make huge resolutions, but instead, work on the little things in your life. Now is the time to envision what 2013 will hold for you, and it is the time to decide how that might happen.

Here are two aspects of my life that I want to focus on renewing this year:

-My sense of style:

Problem: I have gotten into this style comfort zone of wearing subdued colors and lots of scarves…and now I am in the mood to try something fresh. I would love to try something a little more edgy. Black leather and studs, perhaps? Hmmm, I will definitely have to try and incorporate that somehow into my wardrobe!

Solution: If you are struggling to update your style the best way is actually to un-define it. Get out of your comfort zone and try something completely fresh. Try on items that you feel you would never wear. It may be a happy surprise to find out that you actually like it. Don’t know where to begin? Take a friend or family member shopping with you and give them the control of picking out the outfits!

  • Key point: Take some time to evaluate what you wear and how it makes you feel. A new look will give you a new zest for life. 

-Focusing on relationships:

Problem: As a college student I definitely get into a zone of convenience as I like to call it. What is a zone of convenience you might ask? Well, it’s like a vortex where all the choices revolve around what is easiest for you to do at any given time. My zone of convenience looks like this. I tend to focus on all my schoolwork first, and then make time for fun stuff or hanging out with friends when it’s convenient for me (yes, it is sad, but true!). You don’t have to be a student to be in a zone of convenience. This zone affects people who have a highly routinized behavior (i.e., going to work, taking care of the kids, etc).

Solution: Understanding that sacrifices have to be made and simply making the effort to reach out. Maybe there is a friend that you haven’t gotten together with in a long time. Text them, or call them to see how they are doing. Take the time out of your day to listen to people and be sincere. Get to know your colleagues, your employees, your students, acquaintances, etc. By focusing on relationships, you get to focus on the people who help to bring out the best qualities in yourself

  • Key point: You never know when you may need someone’s help, so make your relationships count.

Now, I will leave you with some thoughts to ponder and guide you through a time of renewal.









Ultimate Christmas Wish List Part II-For the Men in Your Life

Apologies on my behalf.  Clearly I forgot to check last week’s post twice. I left out a very vital aspect. Gifts for the men in our life! Silly me 🙂 Well, since I’ve got Michael Buble crooning some Christmas carols, a mug full of peppermint hot cocoa nearby, and Christmas tree lights twinkling in the background, the Christmas ambience should inspire a very thorough list of gift ideas for all the men in your life.

For the suave business man: Bourbon and cigars. Nice bourbon and a good cigar…like Maker’s Mark and one of these. Seriously though, after your man comes home from a long day at work a nice drink and a drag will work wonders to clear up any residual stress from the office.

For the sporty guy: Renew his gym membership and throw in some new gym clothes. Need I say more? If your guy is super into fitness, this gift will be a hit.

For your dad: It’s a classic…the wallet. Except this time, put a twist on it. Add a gift card to his favorite restaurant/shop, and put some of his favorite pictures in there as well.


For your husband/boyfriend: Get a little bit nostalgic. Buy him something that will remind him of a favorite time you had together. Did he ever mention wanting to see a particular concert? Get him a ticket. Surprise him with a fun getaway weekend to his favorite place.

Another unique gift idea is a luxury shaving kit.  Equipped with the finest blades a razor can have, and a bristled soap brush, this kit will take that scruff from “ho ho hobo” to suave and sophisticated.

For the music lover: According to music afficionados, nothing sounds better than vinyl. Look around online and find a record for his favorite band…and while you’re doing that you might as well throw in a record player so he can listen to it.

For the foodie: Try this cool “Hot Sauce of the Month Club” or “Insert food item here of the Month Club”. It’s a convenient gift that keeps on giving 🙂

For everybody else: You can do no wrong with colognes, hats, and hoodies. These are a pretty safe choice that will please even the pickiest of guys.




Now, get out there and get shopping. Christmas Day will be here before you know it!



Ultimate Christmas Wish List

Ultimate Christmas Wish List.

Ultimate Christmas Wish List

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.47.04 AM

Christmas is quickly approaching (T-18 days!). So this begs the question, “What do you have on your Christmas Wish List?” To me, this season is all about blush tones, soft scarves, and looootttttsssss of bling. I am talking about rhinestones and crystals on everything from bracelets to iPad cases. If you are looking for a stellar Christmas gift for the lady in your life, check out these options.

1. Glittery iPad case: It’s colorful, it’s bright, and your nifty tech gadget will never be out of sight!

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.26.34 AM


2. Metallic jeans: This interesting take on a classic apparel item blends the best of both worlds: the comfort of denim with an eye-catching twist. These would be perfect for New Year’s Eve.

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.33.33 AM

(via Main Elements Apparel)

3. Perfume/Cologne: It’s easy, it’s simple. Besides, everyone likes to smell good!Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.33.49 AM

(via Main Elements Apparel)

4.  Leg warmers/boot socks: Pull on a pair of these so that they peek out over your boots. Such an easy way to add some interest to a plain outfit.

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.33.59 AM

(via Main Elements Apparel)

5. Scarves: these are my favorite Christmas gifts to buy for others because they are affordable, and I have never met anybody who doesn’t like scarves. They can be soft, fuzzy, plaid, or sparkly. Check out your local boutique for these items. Chances are you will find an item that no one else has!

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.34.24 AM

(via Main Elements Apparel)

6. Cocktail dress: This closet staple will make a reappearance for New Year’s Eve parties.

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.39.23 AM

(via Main Elements Apparel)

7. Wrap bracelets: Wrap bracelets were this summers hottest trend, and there is no chance that they are going out of style anytime soon. Can’t go wrong with this item.

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.47.52 AM

(via Main Elements Apparel)

8. Anything homemade: Truly, it’s the thought that counts. Some of my most treasured gifts have been photos, scrapbooks, and recipe books. Knowing that someone took the time and effort to make you a treasure is almost unbeatable.

9. Good lip balm and lotion: I am not talking about the $2 stuff that you get at Walgreens. I am talking about good quality and highly scented products. My favorite line is Tokyo Milk’s “Dark”. These scents are rich, bold, and earthy. My favorites are their “Salted Caramel” lip balm and “Excess” lotion, that draws out the fragrances of amber resin, oak bark, blood orange, and patchouli. Check out your local boutiques to find exclusive lines of products.

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 10.48.54 AM

(via Main Elements Apparel)

10. Donations on behalf of charities: Christmas is the season of giving. Look into local charities and make a contribution on someone’s behalf. Nothing beats the feeling of helping out a soul in need. My favorites are:

St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital

Smile Train

Salvation Army

Also, don’t forget that your local community will have countless toy drives and “angel” tree opportunities!

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Your Christmas wishes might depend on it!



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