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Sequins and Sparkles

If there is one part of the holidays that I love more than snow, peppermint hot chocolate, and Christmas carols…it has to be sequined clothing. Nothing says, “I’m here for the party!” than an outfit adorned with sequins, sequins, and more sequins. Why stand in, when you can stand out with the help of a little sparkle?? The holiday season is the perfect time to shine as bright as a lighted Christmas tree. Personally, I think that sequins are appropriate all year round. Sequined tanks, sequined shorts…even sequined blazers are available. If it has sequins, chances are I will be drawn to it faster than Santa Claus’ reindeer can take off on Christmas Eve. Just remember that unfortunately, it is possible to wear too many sequins. With head-to-toe sparkle, you will look more like a disco ball than the belle of the ball. 

Sorry Heidi, but I will have to say “auf wiedersein” to this look.

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I am in full support of sequined cocktail dresses, and other pieces with sequined accents such as shirts with sequined elbow patches and sequin paneled mini-skirts. When applying such sequined pizzazz to an outfit, remember to keep the other components somewhat simple. Opt for solid colors and minimal accessories. Think of sequins as the lead role, and accessories as supporting actors in your grand holiday outfit.

The famous Lady Gaga once said, “And now, I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.” The next time you have have a holiday party to attend, try something different. Maybe think twice about breaking out your classic little black dress…unless it’s covered in sequins 😉



Leggings…an excuse for pants?

The controversy never fails to roll around the same time every year, right after leggings are pulled out of hibernation in the storage closet.
Haters of leggings proclaim, “Leggings are not pants!”
(contrary to the evidence below)
(images courtesy of Pinterest)
I hear it all the time, and maybe in a few years I’ll feel differently, but I’m here to defend my love of leggings and I’ll tell you why:
There really isn’t much difference in thickness between your skinniest of skinny jeans and leggings, except that leggings are unarguably much more comfortable and versatile. They come in a  wide variety of colors and styles and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. I would wear leggings every single day during the winter months if I had my choice. My rule of thumb when wearing leggings as pants? Choose a top of a longer length. Your shirt should cover at LEAST half your cute legging-clad bum. Choosing a top that is longer and form-fitted will help avert any extra attention toward a “bare bum.”
Layers also help keep your bits discrete as they create length and draw the eye upwards instead of downwards.
I love leggings for their sheer simplicity; even when you want to wear your tiniest shift dress, you can stay warm by donning a pair of leggings and adding a cardigan and scarf. Insta-chic.
All in favor of leggings, vote YAY!
For the love off fashion,

Campus Couture-Mastering the Art of Thrift Shopping

Does the term “thrift shopping” turn you off? Does your mind immediately conjure up images of dusty and musty rooms, packed to the gills with unwanted cast-offs, decrepit sweaters, and bizarre knick-knacks? I understand that thrift-shopping may seem like an unappealing and daunting task, the pros far outweigh the cons. Don’t believe me? Here are my thift shop faves!

1. Mustard 3/4 length tweed jacket-Ark&Co.-$4

2. Tan long-line blazer-BCBGMaxAzria (for real!!!)-$5

3. Peachy/coral pencil skirt-J.Crew-$3

4. Chunky oversized knit sweater-Express-$2

4.Polka dot cardigan-$3

5. Printed cardigan-$2

6. Olive green v-neck sweater-Banana Republic-$3

7. Tribal print sundress-$6

8. Green pin-striped button-up-Gap-$2

9. Greige waffle-knit sweater-$3

10. Black, white, and green plaid trapeze blazer-$5

If you want to experience the same thrift shopping success as I have, there are a few things you should take note of. First of all, lower your expectations. Don’t go out thrifting and expect to find a ton of designer duds on your first stop…lots of times going thrifting is pretty hit-and-miss. Second, have a creative vision. If you are handy with a needle and thread, chances are you can transform a hideous muumuu into a cute little dress for less than $5. Third, be patient. Thrift stores are packed to the gills, and oftentimes with a bunch of junk. Take your time to slowly peruse the selections. Fourth, thrift stores are amazing places to find vintage jewelry and scarfs. I probably have about 10 scarves that I absolutely adore that come from thrift shops.


(just a small portion of my scarf collection)

Go forth and explore your local thrift shop, and hopefully your endeavors will be rewarded.



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