Friday Favorites-The Boy Wonder

 (Style: Boy Wonder.) 

I can’t vouch for any of my readers, but most of the guys in my life struggle with defining their personal clothing style. Living in a midwestern coal mining town, terms that involve daily wardrobe essentials are lost on the average male civilian. While demographics play a part in this misfortune, I  believe there is a huge misconception about personal style and fashion when it comes to the male gender. I’ve spent countless hours trying to convince my brother and husband that it isn’t okay to wear your gym shoes as everyday shoe-wear, or that it’s actually incredibly attractive when guys wear slim-fitting denim,v-neck tops layered with cardigans, scarves, and slouchy hats. I might be defining personal taste here, but I can say that overall, there is a large gray area between what most men will wear, won’t wear, and don’t know about style.

So here is a small check-list I’ve compiled for the average gent. Some pointers, do’s and don’ts, and a few tips that can help you guys that are curious yet clueless about fashion and defining your personal style:

1. Layering – Don’t be afraid to layer. Layering is a great way to define your style and keep warm without feeling/looking like an eskimo. Example outfit: Fitted t-shirt, zip-up hoodie, leather moto-jacket on top. Mixing textures and fabrics is a bonus.

2. Jeans that fit – I can’t stress how wretched it is to witness guys who wear over-sized, diaper-bottom jeans. Spend some time finding jeans that fit your body type and experiment with different styles and cuts. Make sure they aren’t too long and aren’t too short. Bonus points for rocking cropped trousers with flashy socks (Orlando Bloom, yes, please!)

3. Shoes – Like I stressed before, there is one time and place for your workout shoes only, and that is the gym. Please keep them in your gym bag otherwise. Don’t get stuck in a rut because you can’t find a “comfortable pair of shoes,” most insoles can be replaced with custom orthotics. The pair of shoes you choose will make or break your outfit.

4. Shopping isn’t your thing? Spend some time browsing the internet. Everything you could imagine, right at your fingertips. If not, shop at a local clothing boutique. They are (usually) always willing to spend some time finding items that fit your personality. (Biggest difference between private and corporate…SHOP LOCAL!!!)

5. Experiment. Go outside your box. Pair a bright colored jacket with white trousers. Roll your jeans up and go sockless.Wear some leather ankle bracelets. Invest in colorful socks. Invest in a blazer. Extra points if it’s colored. Have fun with it and be prepared for some odd looks and comments. It’s to be expected. What fun is it looking like everyone else? Be you. Everyone else is already taken.

For the love of fashion,



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