Fashion Philosophy…take some advice from Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde said it best when he said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” My sentiments exactly.

Have you ever been in situations where you wonder if you will be overdressed or underdressed? If you find yourself wondering this, always go for the former. Better to show up somewhere looking suave than looking like a slob.

Think about the logic behind this rationale. The first judgement a person makes is about appearance. Sounds shallow, right? Well yes, but it is true. The speed of light travels faster than the speed of sound, and that is directly applicable to our senses. Before we hear, smell, or touch a person we see them. That’s why first impressions last the longest, and that’s why 90% of the time they are based on appearance.We make first impressions multiple times a day, every day. It may not be to a future employer, or  a potential love interest, but it is an impression to somebody.

Ask yourself another question.

When you have someone or something that you care for deeply, do you hide it and put it away so that no one can see? Or do you put in on display for the world to take note of? You care for yourself, right? Love your body. Love the talents and knowledge that you possess. Love your skills, love your friends, love your family. Love all the things you do for the people you love. Love your beliefs, love your attitudes, love your values. Love yourself.

Treat your outside the way you treat your inside. Wrap up that lovely little package that is you and present yourself in the best possible manner.




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"You can never be overdressed, or overeducated."-Oscar Wilde View all posts by elementallifestyle

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