Friday Favorites: Commands for the Military Trend…it’s Your (fashionable) Duty!

The military trend is nothing new. I can still remember senior year 2006 when I
thought I was too damn cool for school as I strutted the halls in my mangled Doc
Marten boots,  ratty denim cut-offs, and that amazing jacket I found at the
army surplus store for five bucks. The military trend seems to be sticking, and for
good reason: Can we please give a warm welcome to…FUNCTIONALITY!

Before I give some major do’s and don’ts of the military trends of today, I’d like to
take this moment to clarify that my style has refined a bit in the past few years; it
is NEVER okay to wear fishnets that have more tear holes than the netting itself. In
fact, it’s never okay to wear fishnets before six PM. PERIOD. Lesson learned!

With that being said, the military trend has a few defining characteristics:

-The most popular colors of the trend include, can you guess? ARMY
GREEN! With navy blue in tow, surprise!

-The “military jacket” is the capstone to this trend. So many cuts and styles
to this signature trend item. Always a tailored fit, always a button down,
usually embellished with golden buttons, cuffs, and/or army patches, the
military jacket is a staple item for everyone’s wardrobe.

-If the military jacket is the Batman of the military trend, then shearling
fabric is Robin (Wait… Is that a legitimate analogy?! I’m rolling with it…)
Whether it’s lining the jacket or cuffing the boots, shearling is the fabric of
choice for the military trend.

While the military trend can be incorporated into your every day wear,
there are a few “don’ts” that need to be addressed before you go crazy
with this trend:

-Don’t wear camouflage. It’s too soon. No. Absolutely do not wear
camouflage. You are not a six year-old little boy. I will point, laugh, and
make you wish you’d never been born if you wear camouflage in a
serious fashion.

-Don’t over-incorporate any one element in the military trend. Think about
it: a guy walks around your campus wearing aviator glasses, military
jacket, cargo pants, lace-up aviator boots. The first thought that pops into
your head? “Who let Rambo out?” No going balls-out with this trend. Stick
to accenting two, possibly three items per outfit, never more.

(photo credit:

The military trend, for all its wonder and amazement, can be a fun way to
dress your outfits up or down. Keep these pointers in mind and you will be
the queen (or king) of the catwalk in the military world. Now, everyone run
out and get a Burberry trench! Oh, and get me one while you’re at it. I’m
a starving artist blogging for the love of fashion. I will take all the Burberry
handouts I can get. NOW, BREAK!

For the love of fashion,


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