Friday Favorites-Color Blocking


Personally I am the biggest fan of black. I think it goes with everything and anything, on any occasion. It is timeless, ageless, priceless, and expensive looking. I have very few color options in my wardrobe. VERY few. Then the color blocking trend started to take place. I dreaded every color blocked outfit I saw….I was unsure of how to transition it in to my chic black and gray-toned wardrobe.

Then it hit me. Color is FUN! Fashion is fun, color is fun, and we are supposed to have fun with it! Put the mint jeans with the coral top and wear it with pride!

Now there are a couple rules. You should always be careful about color blocking. You should not go color blocking crazy, stay away from more than three colors, stay in the same level of saturation (pastels, neons, bolds) , and use large segments of color.

Find colors that are usually opposite on the color wheel. These colors make each other pop…like blue and orange! 🙂 Contrast is eye catching and makes a bold statement.

(Can you tell how the blue makes the orange look orange-ier and vice versa?)

Needless to say after trying color and playing with it, I became comfortable and fell in love. If you have not tried it yourself, you should too! Just remember the few simple rules, and have fun with it!




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